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Equity Release and lifetime mortgages are increasingly becoming an important part of long term financial planning.

We are on average all living longer with the potential for more leisure time whilst still enjoying good health.

For many people their home is the most valuable asset they will own. Being able to use some of the locked up capital in your home without putting at risk where you live is an option that should not be overlooked.

All equity release and lifetime mortgages recommended by Rochford Financial Services are covered by the Equity Release Council code of conduct. Please click on this link to take you to their website:
In short, what this means is you will:

· have the right to live in your property for the rest of my life or until you     move into a nursing home

· the freedom to move to suitable alternative property without financial penalties

· if required you can receive either a cash sum or regular income payments

· no negative equity

You can also protect the value of your estate by making interest payments.

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