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We can help with Your Estate Planning

At Rochford Financial Services, we’re here to make sure that your requirements are followed by helping put in place the appropriate arrangements to ensure your beneficiaries receive what you want them to receive, when you want them to receive it, 

in the most tax efficient way. 

Seeing Results

When you choose our company, you can rest assured knowing that your chosen beneficiaries will see the results from your life times work. Without the right advice and careful financial planning, HM Revenue & Customs can become the single largest beneficiary of your estate following your death.

Meeting Your Needs

Once we’ve looked at your total estate, we’ll deduct the various tax allowances and calculate what the bill is likely to be. We’ll look at what you want to achieve and the flexibility you want to maintain concerning access to capital and income, Taking this into account we will help make sure that your estate is set up in the most tax-efficient way possible.